Peter R. Walsh, PE, ESCP, AT

Peter Walsh

  • NFPA “Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional”. NFPA, by agreement with OSHA, is responsible for 70E.
  • Member of National Electrical Code Making Panel 10 (2020 code cycle)
  • IEEE 1584 Technical Committee Member for, “IEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Calculations”
  • IEEE P1814 Technical Committee Member for, “IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical System Design Techniques to Improve Electrical Safety”
  • Participant in several Technical Committee Meetings revising NFPA 70E Standard
  • OSHA “Authorized Trainer” to give 10-hour and 30-hour General Industry Safety Course for OSHA issued Card
  • Technical Committee Member of NFPA 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems and also NFPA 111.
  • Granted “Life Senior Member” Level to IEEE, Industry Applications Society
  • IEEE SC18 External Representative to National Electrical Code Making Panel 10
  • Participant in many Annual 4-Day IEEE PCIC Electrical Safety Workshops
  • Prior Technical Delegate to NEMA 8SG for Mersen
  • Prior Technical Committee Member to NFPA representing NEFA
  • Associate Member of International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)
  • Author writing numerous articles on electrical protection
  • Registered Professional Electrical Engineer for more than 35 years





Typical Safety Training Program for NFPA 70E

Typical Classroom Training Schedule: 8:30AM –3:00 PM        Six training hours, ½ hour lunch

Part 1 Overview
       • Introductions
       • Discussion of current electrical safety program
       • Determination of topics to emphasize

Part 2
  Overcurrents and Arc Energy
       • How overcurrents cause damage
       • Hazards of short circuit currents
       • Understanding arc flash events
  Arc Flash and Blast Hazards
       • Electrical arcs
       • Arc flash burns  
  Introduction of Relevant Codes and Standards
  Interrelationship of OSHA, NFPA 70E, and IEEE-1584 standards
       • OSHA
       • Introduction of NFPA 70E 2018

Part 3  NFPA 70E Part A
       • NFPA 70E Definitions
       • Application of Safety-Related Work and Procedures
       • Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition
Part 4  NFPA 70E Part B
       • Work Involving Electrical Hazards
       • Shock Hazard Analysis- Concepts and Tools
       • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis- Review of key steps

Part 5  NFPA 70E Part C
       • What System Labeling can tell
       • PPE
       • Category Examples
       • Safety Related Maintenance Practices
       • Special Equipment

Part 6  Videos to demonstrate situations with arc flash incidents
      • Selected videos
      • Hands-on demo and practice
      • Site specific Q&A
      • Discussion questions or test

Typical Safety Design Training Program for 2017 NEC Selective Coordination Requirements

Part 1
–Introductions and Overview
–What is Selective Coordination?

Part 2
–NEC 517.26 Health Care Facilities
–NEC 620.62 Elevators

Part 3
–NEC 645.27 Critical Operations Data Systems
–NEC 695.3(C)(3) Campus Fire Pumps

Part 4
–NEC 700.28 Emergency Systems
–NEC 701.27 Legally Required Standby Systems

–NEC 708.54 Critical Operations Power Supplies

Part 5
–Oral or Written Test
–Discussion of  Questions